7:45….Hello World! :o)

It’s not 7:45am but the first post when I signed up said “Hello World” and it just so happens that I have a Litvakism that fits perfect, so I had to keep it.

I’ve decided recently to try and challenge myself to become disconnected from things such as facebook, text messaging, random time wasting things that really over complicate life.  I started writing in a real hard copy journal and over the past few weeks started writing random thoughts, poems  and really anything that would allow for myself to have an avenue to release pointless worrisome thoughts from my brain in order to stay at a level of sanity in which is “normal”.

After watching the social network movie, which was an interesting movie but was not worth my almost 2 1/2 hours, it made me realize, what did everyone do before the Facebook era?

Facebook is the eternal time killer, you can creep on Facebook for hours without even realizing how much time you’ve actually spent on it.   So what would those hours have been spent doing without it around; calling each other on the phone? Reading more books? Actually talking to people in real life? Enough about Facebook, I hate that I can’t live without it just like 90% of the other people on it, but this month I am trying to rid myself of it.  Challenging yes, but I think it’ll be pretty great to be without it for awhile.  People will have to make the effort in friendships/relationships as opposed to just writing on my wall, sending me a message or a silly wall post.  Or at least I hope they will.

Awhile back I came across an old blog from my emotional teen years and it made me realize this is not going to be like that at all, with all posts being about woe is me etc etc.  There were too many hormones flowing in that young woman to realize how terribly annoying everything sounded, whining and feeling sorry for life at my hard ages of 14-18.

There are so many reasons to laugh and be grateful that I am not going to allow that to happen.  This time around it will be an organization of random thoughts, which often come to me on a frequent basis, to which a lot of people don’t understand.  This will be that avenue to vent my questions that may or may not need answering; some silly, some serious but mostly all just common everyday thoughts.

So random thoughts for today; The beginning….

Why does it feel so refreshing to delete all your text message conversations from  your iPhone?

Will there every be a time when you get to “figure it all out”?

“Better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all” What about those people, like myself, who have never been in love, does it that make everyone who’s been in love better people?

Is there such a thing as being too nice, and why does it always end up bad for the person who is being nice?

Where is the rule book for the game and who made the rules anyways?

Why does taking naps feel so great?

Do you ever wonder about those people who constantly tell you things and then never come up with whatever it is they said they’d give you, make you etc, theres always some excuse as to why.  Do you think it’s because they actually aren’t telling the truth they are just trying to impress you.

Don’t you wish that when your having one of  “those days” you can just call up someone you care about and be like…tell me why I am awesome because today I’ve forgotten and not feel awkward about it.

That’s all for now.


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