Where Did Reading Week Go?

I love that being super busy makes time go by fast only when I want time to go by fast.  When I want time to go by at a decent pace, as in this week I would have preferred it to go by slower, rather then faster.

However I have over the past few months realized that the more I teach, the quicker time goes by.  I only was at the school 3 out of 4 available days and still felt extremely busy.  It’s like my teaching life from last semester takes priority and I don’t realize that other parts of my life exist; like friends, assignments, decisions.  I came to realize that I have assignments and readings due next week that I completely forgot about and now, with only 2 days left I don’t really know how I am going to get it all done.  However it always seems to work out; plus it’s not like I have to put in too much effort in my classes to get good marks.  I really don’t like to do everything in the last 2 days, it’s stressful.

Well, I think I am addicted to curling.  I can’t stop watching it and for those who will say it’s the most boring sport to watch, perhaps yes to those untrained watchers it may be but I love it.  Also it’s great to have something on in the background while I complete a mountain of homework.

Thoughts, random and some not so random….

When driving on the highway, with the music blasted, singing loudly – why does your foot automatically accelerate, to the point where when you glance down and think – shit I do not need to drive that fast?

I think it’s flattering when people tell me that I am funny.

I have been working at the box office for almost 2 months and still have yet to get paid.  Perhaps I should get on that.

I really want to go hiking somewhere, that darn car commercial where it shows everyone doing things outdoors gets me every time.

Why do Diet beverages have 0 calories? Am I truly ingesting something that actually has no substance, it just confuses me?

Why at the end of university, do you lose all motivation to do anything well? For the first time in my, almost 7 years, of university I handed in an assignment late.  I never do that but I am at a point where I have stopped caring.

And to end, in honor of my two great friends Alan and Jayme, here is your FFOTD : Fun Fact Of The Day

Did you know that….Chocolate’s melting point is just below your body temperature, so it melts in your mouth. Melting chocolate in your mouth raises brain activity and heart rate more intensly than passionate kissing and lasts four times longer!

Much Love



One thought on “Where Did Reading Week Go?

  1. I really liked this post! You make me laugh! Also I luv luv luv curling.. In fact I am curling tonight, an next week.. You should come watch :) it’s probably not as exciting at on tv, but Graham says we are going to the olympics soon, so you can see us as we improve!
    As for not caring at the end of uni, just go for it. You aren’t going to get marked again, and it is so nice to know you did awesome your last semester!
    As for hiking, let’s go! We can take snow shoes and still hike in winter!! I will be your guide, actually Graham probably will, but still, it would be fun!
    Good luck w/ the mountain if homework, I know it’ll all get done, somehow it always does!
    Please call me when you get back so we can have coffee, I need to tell you about teachers convention!

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