Late assignment tally: 3

Oh well, I will graduate. Don’t fret momma; late assignments still get marked. I don’t have many today as my brain was packed full of stress of assignments passed.

Today in RTOTD (Random Thoughts Of The Day)

  • Why does cola taste better in a glass bottle?
  • You sure forget about Lethbridge wind chill until it hits you in the face, literally.
  • Financial crackdown – see how little you can spend in a week!? My caffeine addiction is going to take the brunt of this one.
  • Facebook crackdown – new month – new outlook.
  • My bling mouse is so worth $5 I lurve it.
  • Instagram is addicting people I get it but enough pictures of dogs….
  • I am officially along for the ride, no longer the driver.

This girl is tired, my brain officially shut off.

Much Love



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