Snap, back to reality : o )

As February comes to an end and reading week is no longer, it made me realize that I only have about 6 weeks left of University.   That’s somewhat scary since I have many big projects due within those next few weeks, I best buckle down and get started.  Perhaps I’ll become a hermit and just do homework all the time.

So post Oscar night, I hate to say it but I ended up watching the majority of the program simply because I had other homework to do and I was easily distracted.  I was really happy that Inception won a bunch of awards as well as Toy Story 3, they’re both great movies.  I love that the F-Bomb was dropped within the first 1/2 hour which was awesome.  I just find it hilarious that during acceptance speeches people choose to ignore the prompter telling them to “wrap it up” and then continue to ignore the play off music and just keep talking.  You’d think, if it’s something you aspire to receive one day, you’d know about how long most speeches get and you’d narrow your thanks down.  Plus it’s not like if you forget someone, they wouldn’t understand the amount of time restraint and pressure your under.  Overall though, it’s a terribly boring show I think, with minimal entertaining factors but it is a very prestigious ceremony but did anyone think that the governors awards looked way more fun to watch.  I also caught a few of the seat fillers looking awkward around the famous people as they accepted their awards and walked by.  I wonder how you get that job? Oh to be a seat filler, perhaps I’ll add that to the bucket list.   My bucket list is getting pretty big.  I thought of another one yesterday; to send a real message in a bottle and see if you ever get a response.  To make it legit though you’d have to throw it away from the shore because to me, if you throw it from the shore, the tide would bring it back in fairly quickly so if you throw it say, from a boat thats quite a ways from shore, you are at least given a little variety in where it may go.

Curiosities from the past few days:

  • When you get to know someone really well they also get to know you really well.  You forget this till you get reminded that friendship is a two way street.
  • I love that high school kids can make me feel so great about life, even on the worst of days. I just have to read my goodbye poster and I feel so much better.
  • In terms of relationships and love “Everyone is a little broken”
  • During an acceptance speech he ended by saying this to his wife  “You are my dream come true” I think thats one of the most romantic,loving things anyone could ever say to someone else.
  • Why does Canadian Tire hypnotize men of all ages? What is it’s appeal?
  • Gone are the days of making mix tapes and mix CDs for people since so many people use ipods/mp3 players now, but I am making it my mission to bring back the mix CD.  Write a comment if you’d like one.
  • Why does the travel bug hit you at the most inopportune times?
  • Taking a road trip to the states is in my near future, I will go alone if I have to – I just want to go for something to do. Who’s in?
  • Why, when I am quiet, do people always think something is wrong?  I am often told it’s out of character, I don’t really understand.
  • Why after a certain point in someones life do you never really have a true sense of “home”?  Is life just an constant search to create/find that sense of home for yourself once you’ve moved out and become an adult?
  • At what age does watching cartoons seem childish? I hope never.  Watching cartoons like Recess, Doug, Sponge bob, Pepperann, The Weekenders – just warms my heart.

Much Love



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