2/3rds of the worlds eggplant comes from NJ!

So I cannot handle cars, I’m starting to think that I am just not meant to have one right now.  First – My bestest car in the whole wide world is deemed unsafe to drive and not insurable.  So now after having my dads car for a grand total of 3 days it dies and has to have $400 worth of repairs in order to make it run. I am extremely glad that I bought a bus pass just in case.

While at work today I decided to instead post fun pictures that made me smile along with random thoughts.  So here are a few of the ones I thought were worthy…enjoy

*Note these are not my photos*


Why is it so fun to ask random questions to your friends? Clearly it means I want to know more about you and it doesn’t mean I am super bored at work trying to kill time.

The grumpy pants I wear currently are not one of my favorites.  I want my happy pants back please and thank you.

Why does sleeping in and ignoring phone calls and text messages feel so good?

It’s nice when I find out that people actually wear the things I knit for them, makes me happy.

Did you know that it is illegal in the state of Oklahoma to take a bite of another persons hamburger?

Did you know in the state of California it is illegal to eat an orange in the bathtub?

Did you know that it is illegal in the state of Virginia *I think, I can’t remember 100%* for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman!

I think I get attached to people too easy.

I’ve never actually knit something for myself ever. Everything I’ve ever made has been for someone else.

Much Love



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