Pizza and Werewolves!


Do you ever go through an entire day and feel like it’s not real life? Like you’ve just been in this odd state of limbo all day and your not really sure why or how to get out of it, yet you have a small fear it actually isn’t real life?

Have you even done something or said something or sent something to someone hoping to make the situation better only to realize the moment it’s been done, said or sent theres no undo button in real life and you instantly regret saying, doing or sending whatever it was..

Do you ever wonder why some days you can go an entire day without talking to a single person and be 100% content that day and other days if that same thing happens you feel super lonely?

Have you even thought about living your life as someone else that you know and how your life may be different?

Why is it called heart ache when someone you care about hurts you? If you think about it, physiologically it has nothing to do with your actual heart.

In the “game of love” why is there so many unwritten rules? Like the chase game and too much too soon. If I like you and you like me back why does it have to be restricted by a certain time line or linear process. When ever in life is linear the way to go?

Why do we have daylight savings time anyways? Really time to me makes no sense. What if the daytime was when everyone slept and the night time was when everyone was awake? How would the world change? Who made these rules?

Much love xoxo


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