Terrible Student still pulls off all A’s

So it’s been awhile since the last posty post and that is mainly due to the fact that I have been super busy with school as the last week and the upcoming week are when all my classes are finishing and my assignment are due. Which is scary because that means I’m done University for good in 3 assignments and about a handful of days of school.   But thats boring and lame so we’ll move on to more exciting things.

Twoonie is coming up this Sunday to which I am performing in two acts; should be pretty sweet. I’m excited. Me and Emily are going to reminisce about our sweet friends and all the good times had.  Look out! My first bit is a surprise, however I will say it’s dedicated to one of my favorite people in the world.

I recently completed Vicki Moser’s scarf which I am super proud of because it’s beautiful! :o) I am currently finishing up a scarf and a few headbands for some people.  With me making all these things for free I was thinking of selling them for money to go towards my Prague trip.  $10 seems pretty fair for a head band I think.  $20 for a scarf, however they take forever! I’m thinking just selling toques and headbands as they’re easier.

So there aren’t that many as I’ve had school and illness on the brain but here they are…

Random Thoughts:

Why is it, when you sick with a cold, do you crave terrible foods?  I don’t eat McDonalds that often, but damn I crave it a lot now that I am sick.

I’m sick, which is tolerable, but why does sickness hit right when you really don’t have time to be sick.  Like right now, I’d rather spend my time sleeping and getting rid of my headache then doing assignments and papers.  It’s annoying and really killing my academic status.

Driving while on cold medication isn’t the greatest idea.  Lets just say Kate may or may not have been in a near accident yesterday simply for the fact that I was suffering from a sinus headache and didn’t think about proper driving procedures.

BULK BARN is my new favorite place.  I love that place.  So cheap and so great.  Lurve Lurve

Headaches suck

Mix CD’s are one of my favorite gifts to receive.  Even if they aren’t good.  I really enjoy them.

I have not been a great student this semester, in my opinion, however I still manage to pull through with all A’s…. This is by no means a complaint just an observation.

Thats all, Much Love



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