Say whaaaatttt???

GPA = 3.8! ARE YOU SERIOUS U OF L??  Not sure how this happened but it did and I am totally ok with it.  I just finished the last semester of school in what I considered the least motivated, lesser quality level of work semester and I’ve pulled the highest GPA in my University Career.  I have no idea how or why but I am not complaining at all.  Perhaps in my 7 years of University I’ve perfected the way to get good grades with minimal effort, or I’ve just perfected the skill of BS’in my way through classes that should challenge me more. Who knows, I am not complaining.

Have you ever seen those “How am I driving? Call 1800….” On the back of Semi trucks – I want to call someday and tell them, instead that their driver is doing terrible on the road, but to thank him for driving well.  I’m sure that doesn’t happen very often if ever but it’s not just to report a terrible driving.  It doesn’t say “Call here if my driving sucks to report me” It just asks a simple question “How’s my driving”

Why do smells bring back certain memories? Every time I smell swiss army mens cologne or caligon Hawaiian ginger, I instantly think of high school.  It boggles my mind that certain smells trigger memories of people, or things.

Why does some hot sauce taste like cigarettes?  just slightly, not entirely like I just licked an ashtray but just a hint-o-cigarette??

How is it almost the middle of May already?? Time is going by insanely fast.

Has Facebook and the rise in text messaging made it easier or more complicated to start/maintain a relationship with someone?

Does ignoring someone for a certain period of time or limiting your interaction with someone really change the relationship in anyway?  I thought absence made the heart grow fonder, not the other way around.  If this is the case are most people who are disconnecting actually making the people they hope to eliminate more interested or even more willing to be their friend?

I recently purchased the best book ever.  The book of AWESOME by Neil Pasricha.  It’s a book of simple great things that people often overlook because we live such a crazy hectic life.  It’s something that is so amazing and makes me laugh quite a bit, I am going to devote the next month of posts to parts of the books that I think everyone should appreciate.  Yes there is a website and yes you could just go purchase the book but I know some of you

a) Don’t have time to read

b) Don’t want to search through all the posts to find the best ones and

c) Just need a smile from time to time and these things, even if you’ve read or heard of them before will make you smile.

So heres the first addition.

“Old Dangerous Playground Equipment”

Slides use to be dangerous. After climbing up those sandy, metal crosstrax steps, you got to the top and stared down at the steep ride below. The slide was burning hot to the touch, a stove top set to high all day under the summer sun, just waiting to greet the underside of your legs with first degree burns as you enjoy the ride…Lastly to top it all off there were no cute plastic rails or encapsulated tube slides, which meant that if you went too fast or aimed your legs poorly, you would spill over the side, landing face down with a sickening thud in a bed of pebbles, cigarette butts, and milk thistles…

There were fire poles two stories high – just cheap, simple poles planted deep in the ground that were popular and educational, quietly introducing children to concepts like gravity, friction, and badly sprained ankles….

These days those classic playgrounds sure are hard to come by….

Everything is plastic now, unaffected by temperature, easy to disinfect and bendable into all kinds of safe-t-shapes, the sharp rusty nail heads of yesterday were replaced with non-toxic washable adhesives poured from a cauldron of polymers and Purell. Not only are kids getting lame baby approved fun, but imagine what they’re doing to the tetanus shot industry….


Much Love



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