Killin time and takin’ names

Being at camp truly tests your ability to entertain yourself and really enjoy the company of you.  I understand that there are many things to do with time and that really I should enjoy it because when will I ever get the luxury of being bored in the future.  But I like to live in the moment and at the moment I’ve been getting bored a fair amount.  Due to this boredom I have tried to figure out interesting yet entertaining and engaging ways to kill time.

I’ve taken up writing letters; hand written, straight up snail mail letters to people, because seriously, who doesn’t love getting mail.  I do this in the hopes that some people will write me back so I can also experience the joy that is a small gift received via the wonderful but often unpredictable Canada Post.

With this new activity of mine it really got me thinking about the days of previous generations when people posted things in the mail more often than talking to them on the phone, or any other form of communication.  It also made me really wonder how people of war times fell in love via letters back and forth and how great that would be if that truly happened.  My grandparents were a perfect example of this.  They gained knowledge of each other through letters and the style of writing was almost poetic and just flowed smoothly and elegantly.  To have something written to you these days seems almost too much effort, as it is so easy to stay in touch via email, Facebook or even simply text messaging.

This got me to thinking about the new age versions of falling in love via snail mail. Yes it may not be as elegantly poetic as letters written to loved ones due to things like slang, abbreviation talk or “text talk” with things such as LOL or TTYL  but it made me wonder, Can people fall in love and get to know someone through texting, emails etc? Is this the new generations version, can two people truly fall for each other via the internet and cell phones?

Personally I think perhaps it is possible for it to happen though to me it’s not genuine as our grandparents generations.  If anything the way that technology has made it so easily accessible for people to get a hold of anyone at any minute has taken away the anticipation, excitement and personal touch, that old school letters hold.  Yes it’s easy to call someone, or text them, or send them a quick email but really theres no waiting, theres no guessing or wondering what they were thinking while they were writing it, theres no coffee rings on the paper, theres not personal touch by any means from that person to you and only for you.  You most likely just crossed their mind while they were checking their voicemail, replying to another text message or simply while they were creepin’ on Facebook.  Similar to that of hand written letters things can be read with the wrong intention or purpose in texts and this has over complicated the style of relationships.

Also it would be really difficult for someone to do things while under the influence of alcohol if we still lived the time where people wrote letters.  No drunk dials, no drunk texts, no drunken ramblings of “I love you soo much” or any of that.  They wouldn’t exist because it would take way too much effort to accidentally post a letter in the mail while under the influence.

Think of it — You’d get half way through the letter, pass out while writing, wake up in a puddle of your own drool, half sober half drunk, realize your elegant words you had hoped would win them over to spend the night with you, gain a ride home or simply just talk to, were scribbles, barely legible to even your own eyes and you would be glad you didn’t waste that 50 cents on a stamp and happy you didn’t have to explain or apologize for things in the morning.  And if you ever successfully posted a drunken letter, the girl/guy you posted it too should be impressed.

Instead we wish didn’t call, didn’t send that text at 2am or long winded incorrectly spelled facebook message.  Or if you happen to be on the other side of things, we wish we didn’t answer the phone at 3am to barely coherent friends or reply to the messages sent to you from them barely capable to type on that tiny little keyboard, adding in extra letters, numbers and/or signs as they see fit. But we do it and why, because it’s easy.

No, drunken letters would not complicate and misguide people in the way of relationships because they simply wouldn’t happen.

That is it.  Letters are my new friend.  Lets hope I don’t give myself carpel tunnel.

Much Love



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