Solitaire, reading and letters.

I’ve been really bored up at camp as of late because there isn’t a whole lot to do during the evenings and weekends.  I’m discovering new and inventive ways to burn some time.  Letter writing is a big one of them, however only can be done for so long as your writing hand gets sore after awhile.  Now why don’t you type them, you must be asking yourself.  Well, letters are meant to be more personal then emails or text messages and I think it’s simply a more genuine gesture if the letter written is done by hand.  Plus it’s part of your personality, the way you form certain letters, do you hand write, do you write in all CAPS.  It’s something the reader gets to learn about you if they don’t already know.

I started reading some of the books that I have wanted to read now that I have so much time.  Going to get through a bunch of them for sure before the summer starts.

And nothing says I’m bored out of my mind like solitaire.  I’ve been playing a lot of individual card games like solitaire and it keeps me busy.

I find I can only spend so much time on a computer, watching tv online *because we don’t have tv up here, however we have internet* or playing silly mindless games online too.  So I’m bringing back the ways of the past.

Here are some book of awesome sections I really liked and wish to share as they’re pretty smile worthy. Enjoy.

1) Getting that eyelash out of your eye.

2) Finally remembering the word that was on the tip of your tongue.

3) Sneaking McDonalds and hiding the evidence.

4) The piles of assorted beers in the fridge after you’ve hosted a party.

5) The smell of the coffee aisle in the grocery store.

6) When you’re really tired, and about to fall asleep and someone throws a blanket on you.

Thats all.

Much Love



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