Lets Do This

*I wrote this yesterday I just didn’t post it.  So later today there will be 2 more coming*

I write this in frustration as while I try to watch the livestream of the hockey game, it keeps freezing and frustrating me so instead, I write to ease the frustration.

First things first there are only 5 days till Prague.  However I have yet to get really excited.  Not sure why. Oh well.

So I have a dear friend named Alan Edward Johnson who attempted to write a different prompt from this site that he found. Now there are 80 prompts which was means you write for 80 days.  Now unfortunately he got bored and did not complete it.

So in an attempt to help him out, I am going to see how far I get with it.  I will write a new one, maybe 2 if I’m feeling ambitious, each day. Now because I am going to Prague in a few days I will still write them but I cannot guarantee they’ll be posted once a day, I have no idea where I’ll be and if I’ll have an internet connection.

Here are the first 2.

62) What is the best method of travel, and in what ways have you traveled?

a) best method of travel – this depends on a few things.  1 – where are you going and how far away is it? 2 – who are you going with?  I prefer to take flights if it’s a large distance that is just not smart to drive or walk but if you are willing to make the drive and have the drive be part of the trip I will say the best way to travel is to drive.  I love a good road trip. Good Friend(s), great tunes and the ability to just stop and let whatever that day holds guide the trip.  I’ve always wanted to take a road trip from coast to coast to just see what this country has to offer.  One day it’ll happen.  Just another thing to check off my bucket list.

b) I have traveled in the very typical ways, car, plane, bike, my own legs etc.  I, on rare occasion, have travelled by boat, aka BC Ferries, canoe and raft.  The only way I have yet to travel is by train.  Perhaps that during my trip to Prague I’ll have the opportunity to travel by train but we’ll see.  I think that the train is probably the most interesting way, aside from being in a car with friends carpooling, mode of transport.  However I have never travelled via hot air balloon, which is also on that never ending bucket list.

77) Name something you would like to devote more time to seeing or doing.

I want to devote more time to being thankful.  I also want to devote more time appreciating the things and people in my life.  All too often we remember or stress over the things that don’t work out, the things we don’t like about ourselves or the things that annoys us about others.  I want to make sure the people who are in my life know that I appreciate them for specific reasons.  Not just “Oh hey you’re great” but give them specifics as to why they are so amazing because I don’t think we hear good things about ourselves enough.  So I am making an effort to tell people in my life exactly why they are wonderful.  Who doesn’t love to be told nice compliments?  I hope that for some of you it makes you day or in the very least makes you crack a smile.

Random Thoughts For The Day. 

Does ignoring people really work?  Either in real life, text message, Facebook or any other form of communication you can ignore someone through? Do you think the person whom you are trying to ignore will just up and forget? Or does it make that person even more wanting to figure out wtf happened. I can barely stand not answering phone calls if I don’t want to talk to someone. I just don’t get why people choose to actively ignore others.  Just be like – I’m busy – I don’t want to talk to you – or tell them whatever it is that you are choosing to not talk to them for.  Why are people so afraid to be truthful with each other.

I took a stand to do my best to not complain about anything, big, small or otherwise.  It really makes you realize how often you and others around you complain about things that don’t matter.

Learning new things, like what words you’ve never read before mean, is an amazing way to keep life interesting.  This is a sure sign I am meant to be a teacher as they always say we’re “lifelong learners”.

Stepping on sharp sticks is the pits.  I hate being injured.  I am just a big mess;always getting hurt.

Thats All!

Much love xoxo


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