May Angels Lead You In…

10 extra friend points to the person who can name the reference in the title of this post!

Emily Warlow cannot answer!

29) Describe your first job? 

My first job was a classy one and only one a girl who grew up in Calgary could ever have.  I use to cook and serve beans for the country cooker for the stampede breakfasts during stampede week.  I used to work so early in the morning and worked for 10 days straight.  It was a terrible job but all I cared about was that I was getting paid to open cans, heat up beans and make sure they didn’t burn.  I even remember one time they interviewed me to ask me how I liked the job and I got my picture and interview in the paper.  Oh man I felt famous.  We even had this really old can opener which was just the best because you literally had to slam it down into the can with all your strength to open it up.  My 11/12/13 year old self often didn’t have enough gusto to puncture the hole to make the can opener functional so I was always given the stir job.  Hours upon hours of stirring beans, from as early as 4:30am to at least 1-2pm.  I look back now and it probably wasn’t the best idea, but my parents let me do it and I didn’t care.  I finally made enough money of my own, outside of my allowance, to upgrade from my bright yellow and grey sony cassette walkman, to a disc-man.  I now could buy 90’s boy band CD’s like the Backstreet Boys and *Nsync.  I even saved up enough to buy a Panasonic Shockwave disc-man.  Man I was classy! If you are reading this being like, Panasonic what? Clearly it was before your time.  Those who are close in age, will totally understand it was the champ of disc-mans. It came in a variety of colours, had heavy duty clips to open and close it and the selling feature, 40 seconds of skip resistance. I’m getting excited just thinking about how sweet it was back then.

50) How do rainy days make you feel?

I absolutely love rainy days.  They make everything smell fresh and clean and usually during the spring they make everything turn beautifully green. It helps farmers, it cleans the sidewalks, it reminds us that there are such living things as earthworms and most of all it creates endless fun simply by stepping outside.  The best rain is where the moment you step into the rain you get completely soaked.  Those kind of rains are the best.  Rainy days call for sweet walks to include puddle jumping, often times during those walks seeking emergency shelters when those who you are walking with don’t want to walk through the down pour, which can make for some really sweet conversations.  Rainy days also allow for you to stay inside, read a fantastic book, write a note to a friend, watch a movie you’ve been putting off, do that laundry thats sitting in the corner of your room for a week, rearrange your closet….there are many things a rainy day is good for. However I will for sure say that the best way to spend a rainy day is to go for a walk, get wet and have some fun whilst mother nature treats you to a free shower sans soap.  :o)

I leave for home tomorrow.  First step to Prague.  Still not quite excited but I think that it’s due to the amount of work and things I need to get done before now and when I leave here and when I leave for Prague.

I’m exhausted from working from 9:00am-7:30pm today, with short breaks in between every now and again to do various things. Now I must go pack up my room, clean and get everything sorted out to spend another wonderful 5 1/2 hours in a car! :o)

Take Care Friends. Much Love



One thought on “May Angels Lead You In…

  1. That’s a Jimmy Eat World song. ;)

    I was 13 when I got my first CD player. Same one! I remember laying in bed listening to *NSYNC and testing the 40 second skip by shaking it until it skipped. lol.

    Rainy Days are the best! I love walking in the rain or curling up with a good book and a cup of hot coffee. :) Great post.

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