Cute as a button?

Where do terms like that come from, buttons aren’t cute? Or pee like a race-horse? Do racehorses pee more then regular horses?  If you know of how these came to be, if they are based off real facts, please inform me so I can no longer be left in wonder (possibly “to wonder” not sure of what the proper use of that is either.  Ah well, let me know of that too) 

I sit here, unable to sleep on a friday evening/early morning as it’s 12:30am, while it pours rain outside. Thought I could kill of some brain waves in the hopes to enter the land of sleep soon by writing a few prompts.

First things first…..

If you can name the kind of car I am going to buy.  10 extra friend points are up for grabs again. Emily you can play in this one

14) Name one thing you always wanted to do, but haven’t.  What has prevented you from doing it?

One thing.  I am only allowed to choose one.  Well I have many, but if I had to chose only one thing that I’ve always wanted to do and haven’t and the first thing that comes to mind is take a big vacation with my parents and brother.  We took many family trips while I was growing up, don’t get me wrong I’ve seen many a Canadian highway through the backseat of our Aerostar van but we never have gone on a big family trip where we fly somewhere and just do stuff that doesn’t involve a relative celebrating something, or camping.  I love those trips growing up, they’ve made me appreciate camping and allowed me the ability to be amazing at starting and maintaining fires ( Right Emily?)  But overall I want to treat my parents to a trip, or be able to take a family trip now that me and my brother are adults where we can not have to worry whether or not Kate will get a 3rd degree sun burn because she didn’t wear enough sunscreen, or the tarp city we made to protect us from the wind and rain, has a hole.  What has prevented me from doing it?  Well mainly life in general, my brother and I moved out, my parents moved away from the city we grew up in and overall everyones lives goes really busy.  But one day, we’ll take a trip and I cannot wait for that day.  Perhaps I’ll bring a colouring book and a new car air freshener just to make it feel like we’re in the Aerostar!

55) What 5 traits do people first notice when they meet you for the first time?

I think this one is tough since I can’t really say what others notice in me when they first meet me, I can only harbour a guess. If I were to guess here are the first 5 things, not traits, perhaps people might think/notice when they first meet me.

“I wonder if her hair is actually red, or if it’s dyed” — to this I would answer —  Look at my eyebrows and eyelashes, they’re hint-o-red.  No one would want that by choice, or take time to dye them to appear natural, however I love them.

“She is amazing at beer pong” — Why thank you. However, like all good things, I have off nights.

“She has really nice teeth and/or a killer smile”   — If you are seeing me smile, it probably means your pretty good shit too so thanks for the good times.

“Are her eyes really THAT green?” — Nope, sorry to disappoint but my eyes are green from time to time naturally however my contacts make them really green, noticeably green. So if this comes up in question, you’ve probably caught me on a day where I veto’d the glasses and put in contacts.

“Freckles are pretty dope” — Why yes, they are.  However, it’s a trade off, freckles or a full tan.  This is you body’s way of saying that the sun, for you, is good in small amounts only.  Thats why I tan only in small cute little dots; just to tease me.  However, ask me about my shoulder freckles, you’ll be jealous you don’t have them too.

Prague in 3 days.  Much Love.  xoxo


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