55 hrs till Departure.

 21) Name one thing that you think brings out the good in people?

Bringing out the good in people is pretty easy if you just approach it in the right way.  This is also true for bringing out the worst in people.  One thing that brings out the best in people is kindness.  It’s very simple.  It could be a nice compliment, a simple thank you for doing something for you, or just giving them advice on whatever it is they need advice on.  Being kind to people, not matter who they are, is the best way to bring out the best in one another.  My mom, who is a gem of a lady, always told me; it’s nice to be nice.  So why not be nice to everyone you come in contact with.  Kindness is contagious, it’s pretty hard to continue with your shitty day, if someone sends you a shot of kindness your way sometime throughout the day.  I’ve been told all to often that I often am too nice.  Well I guess thats a flaw I’ll have to deal with because I don’t think there is such a thing. It’s nice to be nice.

32) Are you afraid of the dark? Why or Why not?

I haven’t told many people the answer to this question, but I guess many will know now.  I am totally afraid of the dark.  Not too sure why or what it is I actually am afraid of but darkness to me means theres something unknown.  The possibility of not knowing what lurks in the darkness makes me feel unsafe, which in turn makes me afraid.  I also am one of those kinds of people who totally lets their mind get the best of them and I think I see things that aren’t actually there, or that someone is clearly trying to break into my house, now that it is dark.  Of all the houses, apartments etc on the block, for some reason the bugler has chosen my house simple because he can sense the fear in the atmosphere and therefore I make an easy target.  Pretty sure I’ve always had a nightlight, or left my door open with the hall light on to sleep.  I have a hard time sleeping in an empty house simply for the fact that I am alone and there could potentially be anyone lurking in a dark corner.  So yes, I am totally afraid of the dark. But I’ve learned overtime to not worry about it too much and that the majority of my fear is self inflicted. Don’t even get me started on camping, which I love, it’s the worst.  Creepy forests, darkness, and weird unfamiliar sounds combined into one tri-fecta of fear for this girl. It’s silly but also awesome at the same time because each time I start to let the fear get to me, I always get a shot of adrenaline and it makes life interesting.


Well, it’s only 55 hrs away from departure and it still doesn’t seem real yet.  I’ve been asked how excited or stoked I am for this upcoming trip and currently I have a hint of excitement.  Due to the fact that it doesn’t quite seem real yet I don’t think I’ll hit full excitement till I’m waiting for the plane to take off, after we’ve passed security, or once I’ve said good-bye to my parents.  Who knows.  It might not hit me till I step foot in Prague.

So we have 1hr 1/2 layover in London and part of me just wants to get off in London and look around.  I’ve always wanted to go to London and what is truly stopping me from just getting of and being a Londoner for a few days. Probably won’t happen but it’s always an option!


Much Love xoxo :o)



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