Prague Update

So we’ve been here… Well for us it’s the morning of day 5 and it’s been awesome so far. We’ve done touristy things, drank lots of great beer, some of us have participated in our workshops, some of us have missed our workshops, and overall the group is having a great time. There are 11 of us, 12 including Roger, our prof that came with us, but we haven’t seen him since about day 2! Haha we’ve heard he’s worried about us and wants to see us soon. So right now ts 6am on Sunday the 19th and I’ve been awake for about an hour. Not sure why I woke up with no intention of going back to sleep but I’ve been trying to keep quiet as the other 3 people in my room sleep soundly. Emily got up at around 5 too but has since gone back to sleep. So since I have some time to kill, here’s whats happened so far. (I am typing on my phone so bare with me if there are grammatical errors, words that don’t make sense, or random capitals in places that they shouldn’t be; it’s a small keyboard)

Day 1 – June 14/15
We arrived at the airport at 6:00pm Calgary time to meet the group, pick up tickets and check in to pass through security at about 6:30. Our plane didn’t leave till 9:25pm so there was a lot of stories told, coffee’s drank and general anxiety lifted after we passed security and our Prague trip became a reality.
The first flight was long but the food was amazing. British airways treats you well in the food and beverage section. Around 3-4hrs in we were asked to shut the blinds as it was “sleep time”. Many of us slept many didn’t. Overall when we woke up to the sound of food being served again most of us had some sleep even though it was not nearly enough for this girl. My gravol enduced sleep was great but not quite the right amount. We arrived at London Heathrow airport at about 1:30 their time, so about 4:30am Calgary time. needless to say our group was experiencing the first round of jet lag.

That airport is HUGE! We had about a 2 hr layover as our plane was early and we just wandered the airport while we waited for the other flight to leave. The airport is really a mall with stores like tiffany and co, Prada and Gucci.
This flight seemed like mins flew by before it was time to board again. It was only an 1hr and a half to Prague or Praha.
We arrived, got our bags and went to meet Josh, our friend who arrived in Prague the day before, at the common area. We took the bus, and then the metro, which is the subway, to our hotel and everyone kind of settled in and unpacked. The trek was long and we had to cart our bags up 5 flights of stairs but totally worth it. We ate some food and had our first Prague beers at a pub down the street and that was it. Most of us tried to go to sleep. Room assignments are: Josh, Kayla, Tristan and David room 16, Jayme, Kathryn and Bev room -22 and Myself, Emily, Brian and Gabbie in room 19! It’s a great set up!

Day 2 – June 16
Being woke up by Brian and Emily at 5am wanting to go for a walk was a bit unpleasant. However the greatest part of this day was waking up to a text message play by play of the hockey game from both my mom and Tyler. The anticipation via texts was amazing! First it was the end of the first, then middle of the second (my team still on the upside of the battle) then it was a shorthanded goal, to finally realize the victory!! It was probably one of the best wake ups I have had in a really long time. This made the walk seem like a great idea as I just got great news. So we walked around our hotel for about and hour, came back showered, ate breakfast and decided what the day had in store. We headed to the PQ, picked up our accedidation packages, met up with Roger and toured around the amazing exhibitions for awhile. At around lunch half the group (myself, Brian, Emily, Jayme, Kat and Kats friend Becca) went on a castle/palace viewing day. The others stayed at the PQ and looked at the rest of the exhibits or some of them. This was the day I was suppose to attend my workshop. Oh well.

Little did the castle group know we’d be walking over 10kms for about 6 hrs but the sights were beautiful! This city is truly amazing in the architecture department. We got yelled at in a church for being too loud, met some people from Boston, whom we were talking with about hockey when we got yelled at and overall had a great touristy day. Pretty sure after that 10+ kms day we all slept like we were dead.
The non castle people plus some of the castle group took the evening and drank some beers in a close by park and saw a wild hedgehog.

Day 3 – June 17
Due to some sore muscles, little energy and some of us still fighting jet lag the majority of us were low on energy. Brian, Emily, Jayme and I finished up viewing the exhibits at the PQ, ate lunch at this amazing bagel cafe (which will be gone to again) and took so time to plan out what we were going to get up to that day. Only plan was to figure out the transit system as we realized walking was probably a bad option for at least a little while. Some people headed downtown to the other venues the PQ had to offer and we planned to meet everyone at the clock (which is like everything else, amazingly beautiful) at 6pm. So the downtown crew headed out and the non DT crew stayed back to just really plan and figure things out. We found a beer tour we wanted to attend at 6:30 at a decent price and we figured that’s what the plan would be for the evening. We headed downtown for 6. We were a little late and met Kathryn and Bev at the clock and hopped on the tour. The other DT peeps thought the tour was too expensive and decided against it. The tour was awesome! We went to 3 little pubs we never would have gone to on our own and drank 2 beers at each pub; One dark, one light. Most of us realized our love for dark beer during the tour. The tour guide, Ivan, was hilarious and loved talking about Due South (the old canadian 90s tv series) and made the tour worth it. We had 2 other Canadians with us (an older couple originally from Germany, who lived in Toronto) they were adorable and a guy from Peru named Manuel. (more to come on him later!)

Now after the tour, we were told we would get a discount on the ghost tour, because we just drinking almost 6 beer in 90mims we decided this would be a great idea. It wasn’t! Now we agreed to meet up with the older couple who was also coming at 10pm and I so kindly decided to invite Manuel to hang out with us before the ghost tour since his travel mate decided to take the night to sleep. It was fine at first but I thought he’d leave us after we headed to our part of town and but he continued follow us like a little pup. It was weird, but all the poor guy really needed was some friends. The ghost tour was a buzz kill. More walking, lame costumes and overall not really worth it. The stories were pretty sweet just not after 6 beer, I was bored to say the least.
We headed back to our hotel, which is in the more common Czech area where people actually live. It’s nice to be away from downtown and close to the PQ main building. With Manuel in tow, we stopped at a pub on the way, drank some more delicious beer and headed out. Manuel went back to his hostel, even though I am sure he was a little lost, and we all breathed a sigh of relief as a cling on situation was eliminated. Never would have seen coming. Oh well I am sure he got a great impression from Canadians. We’re nice.

Day 4 – June 18
This day was filled with a lot of theatre style things. Kat went off to her workshop and half the group went to the mall to do some shopping. Prague has a 5 level shopping mall said to be one of the biggest in Europe. I am excited to go see it. The non shoppers stayed and planned our day around the PQ schedule. A handful of people went downtown to watch some student performances, planning to meet up downtown at about 4pm. Jayme and I attended a costume lecture. The lecturer was really nervous, uninteresting and hard to follow and listen due and it was extremely hot in the room, so we left after about 40mins. Because we had quite a bit of time before we headed DT, we went back to the hotel where I had a nap and J had a shower and read some of her book.
Downtown we met Brian, Bev and Em and we watched a student peice with mannequin partners, fake animals and interesting interactions with the audience which were just the people walking down the street. After we thought we would meet Kathryn at her workshop, but got lost a little and realize we had run out of time. To pick up our spirits we headed for a cafe where I had the best cappuccino I have ever had in my life! It was also only like $1.50! Got a waitress upset when I tried to pay with 1000 kc bill but hey it was all I had I heard her mumble as she made change what I could only interpret as “who pays for 4 drinks with 1000” in Czech of course. Haha.
We met up with our whole crew at our hotel for 6pm where we had some relaxation time and headed out for dinner at about 7:15pm. We ate at a pizza place, which was delicious, just down the street and everyone ordered what we thought would be our own individual pizza. This proved not the case when our pizza arrived. The “individual” pizza we thought were equivalent to a Canadian medium sized pizza. They were thin crust but still. Oh and our waiter through some language difficulties took an order twice so we ended up with and extra pizza. Which is great cuz now I have lunch for today.
Some of the crew had an early night, but most played some cards and drank some beer in our room until it was bed time and we all went to bed.

Day 5 – June 19
Today is Fathers day so to that I say Happy F-day Popps! You are the Best dad a girl could ask for.
Also it’s my Moms birthday so Happy birthday to her also.

So far I have woken up crazy early and have no idea what the plan for today is but I am sure it will be awesome.

Sorry it’s a novel but there’s the update from us Praguers!
Much love
(it’s about 7:30am, still no one else is awake)


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