To Prague and back!

So we’ve been and gone to Prague.  I awoke at about 5am this morning, much due to the fact that yesterday I went for a nap in the middle of the day and slept for 6 hrs.  So the jet lag is not super harsh but it’s making itself known forsure. I loved travelling to Prague but I was ready to come home.  Nothing is better then sleeping in  your own bed, even if it is just for 2 nights before you head back to a good’ole PTI room up in Grande Prairie.  This summer is about to start flying by; camp always does that.

Prague is done, we finished up our trip the evening of the 27th.  It was an amazing trip with a wonderful group of people and I learned a lot about theatre and design, travelling and patience! haha It was also nice to get to know people I hadn’t really talked to or was friends with before.  That was probably one of the best parts about the trip, aside from being in such a beautiful city/country was learning great new things about people.  I made new friends, learned new things about old friends and generally just had a blast the entire time I was there.

I came home with a giant bruise named Goliath on my leg, apparently I fell down some stairs while on a pub crawl.  I survived but man my leg looks brutal.  Pictures via Facebook to come of my new friend Goliath.  The pub crawl was probably one of my favourite things we did while in Prague, aside from the falling down stairs bit.  I probably should get my leg looked at by a doctor but who has time for that.  I taught a group of British boys and a small group of Scottish people how to play flip cup and now they will forever remember that Canadian girl. It was fun.

Headed back to Camp Tamarack this afternoon, which should be fun.  I am excited to get back to work and actually have campers there and everything.  I am counting down the days till the BSB NKOTB concert.  Please if your a huge music enthusiast and don’t care for the boy bands, please don’t judge me, they’re my guilty pleasure.  Also looking forward to my good friends wedding on the 17th of July.  Should all be an amazing time.

So while I was away I also won a few bets based on the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Yes as a great gambler, I bet against the Canucks but someone had to, because when both sides cheer for the same team, it’s not a bet your just fans.  So I took a risk and to my amazing surprise won.  Little dissapointed at the riots and things, makes Vancouver fans look bad and like they are sore losers, but theres also a few that wreck it for the majority right.  It made news in the Czech Republic while I was there.  Must have been crazy hearing about it back in Canada.  Anyways.  I can’t wait to claim my winnings.  In total. I made $30 in cash, a case of beer and a round of shots! :o)

I am off to pack up my life to head to Grande Prairie again.  Pictures are being loaded of Prague as I type.  If you aren’t a theatre person skip the PQ stuff as it’s all theatre and design pictures.

Much love.



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