NKOTBSB and Stampede

They were amazing.  One of the best concerts they boys had ever put on.  Such a great start to a series of epic events.  The best part of the concert was the mash ups of songs between the new kids and the BSB.  It was like a live mash-up it was absolutely amazing.  And it didn’t hurt that our seats were killer too.  I also headed down to stampede for the very first time in about 6 years. I still think that it’s just the same when I left however many years ago.  It’s just larger crowds and weirder things, like deep-fried oreos.  

Describe a time you felt alone.

At this very moment I am sitting in my parents big house, all alone and I have my childhood fear of being home alone coming back to haunt me.  I never liked being home alone in my parents house even when I lived here.  It’s odd; I lived on my own in my own apartment and I never had anything bother me or make me fearful, but as I sit here in this big empty house I just feel weird.  I don’t know what to do, or what I did to make this feeling go away.   I’m exhausted from travelling to and from Lethbridge with a stop-over in Calgary but I am unsure if I’ll be able to fall asleep.  Weird how things that you thought you were over from your childhood and they just appear without even asking.  Jerks.

Whats on your calendar for tomorrow?

Tomorrow I am headed to Edmonton to witness the marriage of one of my favourite people in the whole world Christopher Brunsch.  I am absolutely so excited I cannot wait.  It seems like forever ago when I got the invite in the mail and was soo excited and holy now it’s the middle of July.  I hate that I have to drive to Edmonton, where surprisingly I have never really been before but hopefully my hotel is easy to find and the venue is super easy to find.  The worst would be to show up late to someones wedding.  I have never done that so hopefully tomorrow won’t be the first.

Random Thoughts Of The Day

Why do I make the bad decisions of drinking tons of beer and thinking I’ll wake up in the morning feeling great?

I should never be asked to make an important decision in the morning.  I almost didn’t go to Lethbridge yesterday/today because I woke up in the morning and had my grumpy pants on. So please, if you need something from me or important info of any kind, wait till I’ve had at least an hour to wake up and 2 cups of coffee in my system before any decisions are made. :o)

I think I could spend an entire day in bed doing nothing but being in bed (without being sick)

Drunk driver commercials in the states are really intense.

Watching Dateline home alone on a friday night about murders probably isn’t a good idea to feel safer.

How come big decisions are not only hard to make in the morning, but just hard to make in general.  Starting anything new is awesome, but scary at the same time.

London may be in my very near future and that scares me.

Much Love   xoxo


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