Oh My God – I’m Back Again.

80 writing prompts has taken a back seat. Due to my recent deactivation of Facebook because I really hate how annoying it is, I will resume.  Also because I told Alan I would not quit/bail on these prompts so I won’t

What 5 websites do you visit often, and why?

1) CBC.ca, I check this because when I don’t watch the news and am updated on the goings on of the world I feel really dumb.

2) Twitter – I’ve taken to twitter just because it does everything I need it to.

3) StumbleUpon is a good time killer simply because sometimes you’re bored.

4) Itunes/App store, I like free apps and free music and all the things that go along with those.

5) People.com because I will fully admit I like being a girl and reading about celebrities, even if it’s super lame and not usually the truth.

List your bad habits and/or addictions and what you have tried to rid yourself of them

Well, if you know me you will know that I am completely addicted to coffee.  I have tried several times to try and stop drinking so much of it, even making bets.  Once I made a bet with a friend that I go 2 weeks without coffee, and I went a week and a half, and then cracked and couldn’t do it.  Clearly he won that bet.

I have a bad habit of buying purses and/or bags which I don’t truly need.  I don’t know how many purses I have sitting in my closet that rarely see the light of day.

In high school I had a pretty bad habit of buying shoes, most of which were too big.  I had a hard time turning down a skate shoe that was on sale, which in turn lead me to have about 8 pairs of shoes at one time. I told my mom I wasn’t allowed to buy shoes anymore, and the following year I only bought one pair, and wore them out till they could no longer be worn.  I still buy shoes obviously, but now I can say I don’t have 8 pairs of skate shoes sitting in my closest waiting to be worn, I just have one pair which oddly enough I bought in grade 11 and they still to this day, 8 years later, still look brand new.  Every time I wear them at least one persons says “Hey, you got new shoes” to which I reply “Nope, these are old” haha

What other addictions/bad habits do I have.  I have a bad habit of thinking too much about things I cannot change.  Conversations with people, things I wish I did instead etc.  I just think about what if things were different, I dwell on things a lot but am getting better to let things go and live in the moment.  Hopefully I am doing a good job.

If you invented a device that could fix one problem you are facing right now, would you use it?  What problem would you like to solve?

Hmm, I would invent a tele-porter.  The ability to travel from one place to the next with little effort and jet lag would be great.  That way I could move to London without the terrible fear of becoming incredibly homesick and wanting to come home.  I would absolutely use it.  There would definitely have to be some restrictions made so people don’t just pop up in banks or stores and steal shit, which would somehow have to be a security restriction to be implemented but thats beside the point.  Inventing a tele-porter would also rid the world of a lot of pollution, it would save people from dying in car accidents or transportation related accidents, plane crashes, train wrecks etc. It would also impact the world for the better environmentally from the world of transportation, no longer would the world be run by the need for gas and fuel.  It’d be great.  Yes, it may impact the lives on many who are profitting off the oil and gas industry worldwide but that’ll change eventually.  Mainly though, I would want a tele-porter so I could move to London and come visit my friends and family more easily in order to keep me sane.  I’m selfish like that sometimes haha

What was the title of the last book you read?

The last book I read is the 5th in a series of the sisterhood of the travelling pants called “Sisterhood Everlasting” Yes, they’re super cheesy and written for young adults, but they’re an easy read and they’re heart warming.  If you like the other books, it’s a great addition.  However not really needed but still good.


That’s all.

Much Love xoxo







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