I love my friends!

Not sure what made me think about this, but there was a conversation I had with someone over my weekend in lethbridge about meeting people and how you became friends and how it’s difficult to try and think back to the first conversation or interaction you had with the people your friends with to where your relationship is now.

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about this because my lethbridge weekend made me realize how much I miss my friends and how much of a social person I am so, I am going to try and recall how I became friends with some people.  If I am incorrect, please correct me – since I am a teacher and do it quite often to others I enjoy the correction.  I miss my friends terribly so this is how I will try and remember/not miss them so much.  Hopefully it makes you happy to remember back in the day as much as I do.  They’ll be a new story or entry every day or every so often as I can remember or when it comes to me, because this process is harder then it appears at first.

Here are the first 3 only because I’ve been talking to these girls a lot today and they’re amazingly wonderful women whom I feel blessed to have in my life. 

Emily Warlow and I were in the same Environmental Science class back in my 3rd year I think it was.  It was weird because I would sit with someone I am no longer friends with in that class and one day, while sitting on fifth we were talking about the test we just had and Emily happened to be on the couch and she piped up and put in her two sense.  Now between that and an epic study session for the next test I am blank.  Help me out Emily – on how between then and the mad study session we became friends. The rest is pretty much turned into the best beer pong team around, the girl who is the one of the funniest people I know and is just a blast!

Erica Barr  is someone who I have also felt like I’ve been friends with for what seems like forever, even though its only been like a year.  Erica was the new girl everyone couldn’t stop talking about last semester when she got a part in Title of Show at the U of L. I remember showing up to a little birthday party that the cast was having for Kyle Schulte, and she sang a very silly song with Jayme and Baz to honor his birthday and I knew from that moment she was a gem.  From then on, she came to werewolves quite a bit and we just became instant friends.  She’s just an amazingly talented, beautiful person whom without I would have no shit (FSU).  I have trouble with the fact that she’s only 19 but we try not to talk about it.  haha

Jocelyn Haub Well this lady is one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world.  How we became friends is a complete blank…I honestly feel like I’ve been friends with her for my entire life even though it’s only been over the past 2 years or so we’ve actually become good friends.  Jocelyn was someone who was always around the people I knew and always was spoken very highly of which is absolutely true – but I cannot pin point the moment in time where we went from people who knew of each other to friends. Might have been during into the woods when she was the old granny and hilarious,  but I am thankful for her in my life all the same.  Jocelyn – if you know, please tell me.


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