Never Fails To Impress

  Been awhile but alas I finally have some time – well a lot of time to continue this thing called blogging.  

  A friend of mine challenged me to write a blog and maintain it.  Blogs to me seem to be something that many people use for attention, however there are a few blogs, good ones anyways, that give out important information, critiques on music and/or movies, or just generally cool things.  However, through this challenge of blogging I also have come across many blogs that are filled with passive aggressive personal information that seem to be only for the soul purpose of gaining attention from people.  I am not sure where mine really fits, since I am by no means a music/movie buff giving you important information on what to watch or listen to and I hope that this never turn into teenage melodramatic bull shit that is merely for attention (if this ever happens, I give anyone full permission to slap me right in the face!

   After making the wonderful purchase of The Book Of Awesome (click on the link to get the original web version of it) One of my favorites….. I started realizing all the wonderful little things I am grateful for that are often over looked that may or may not be included in the book of awesome.  

  Also being corrected by my friends when I say dumb things and realize that yes, I am a teacher and could potentially teach those dumb things to the next generation that most of them are pretty hilarious.  So look for those things to be additions to this wonderful blog challenge. Perhaps they’ll be teacher related, perhaps they’ll just be me having a dumb moment – who knows.  I do say a lot of dumb things.  

  Some great things to note while I’ve been writing this – it’s actually taken me like 3 solid sit down before I’ll be finished since I’m fighting a cold and I have a hard time focusing. 

  • I love that feeling when you are sleeping and you get up to pee (not the great part) and when you come back to your bed and your covers are still warm.  It’s such a nice cozy feeling.
  • Warm beverages on a cool chilly fall day – coffee, tea, hot chocolate or my most recent fav – hot cider.  It makes the chilly day that much better. 
  • I miss my friends who make me laugh a lot.
  • Beer Pong makes me happy 
  • Hugs are the best medicine 

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