To Fall…

Found Randomly, hidden away in a book I was reading.  This gem just popped out while flipping the pages


Someone asked me the other day
“Have you ever been in Love?”
My first reaction, Sorry no, I’ve never had the chance
But then I thought and wondered, 
“To be in love; To fall” 
How do we know,
if it’s really love at all. 
There’s a cliche term 
“Better to have love and lost, 
then never to have loved at all” 
Clearly this theory is biased, 
they’ve known what love feels like
and for them, it’s better 
to have felt and lost it. 
But what about those of us, 
who have yet to find said love? 
Yet to find what some call
true happiness?
I get annoyed when people use the term
true happiness.
Who’s to say I am not happy.
True happiness for a girl
whom has yet to fall in love is
many things. 
Laughing till you cry,
A hug on one of “those” days,
A smile from a stranger, 
or even, 
a warm fresh cup of coffee.
Will these things
stop making me happy
once if I ever fall? 
To fall in love
I hope those in love are happy
and everything the world says you should be
I’ll take a fresh warm cup of coffee. 
Dealing with the withdraw
from a love I’ve never had
is killing me.  

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