I heart my friends, v2

I am currently waiting in line to get Junior Hockey tickets for my father, and it’s taken me forever already so to kill some time I’ll continue with the lovely idea of trying to remember the first conversations or interactions with the people whom I enjoy in my life.

I heart my friends; Just one of the boys! 

Steve Allen: I met Steve through a mutual friend who will remain nameless. We found out that year we had 4 of 5 classes together and decided since we knew no one else in the class we’d chat during class times.  I remember one of the first times I knew Steve and I would be good friends was when we were sitting in history of rock and roll, he drew me a picture of me sitting in class on the top of my takeout box.  It was delightful.  Throughout that class and others I acquired a lot of hand drawn Sal originals. Film studies wouldn’t have been the same without him.

Devon Brayne: Devon and I met at a cast party I attended for a show I never saw (Cursed).  He was having difficulty with a certain lady in his life, and I told him to tell her to give me a call and we’ll sort it out – because now he’s moved on with me.  Even though I literally had just met him and had no clue the situation or the girl or anything.  Thats pretty much how I met Devon.  However, according to Devon, he and I worked on a different show together where he remembers talking to me and thinking I was intimidating or something but I do not remember meeting him, so clearly it didn’t happen. haha Oh university shows.

Alan Edward Johnson: Alan is the kind of guy whom I feel like I’ve been friends with my entire life.  I don’t really remember our first meeting or convo – but Alan tells me it was at a pub in Lethbridge with another one of our friends.  According to him, he didn’t think I liked him – which probably is the fartest from the truth since I think Alan is one of the coolest, most genuine people I’ve ever met.  He’s a gem.

Corey Joyce: Corey is a mystery.  I remember seeing Corey in a show done at the University the year I returned from my brief Uni hiatus, and thinking “Damn…where did this kid come from?” I made sure I talked to him after the show to let him know what a great performance he just gave and to let him know he’s pretty great.  That was the beginning of our friendship.  From there on, since I had already introduced myself and made sure he knew who I was, we chatted from time to time and eventually we became friends.  I’ve kicked his butt in MANY beer pong games but I will admit, he knows how to give a better toast/speech than I do.

Mark Ogle: I don’t really remember meeting Mark.  I remember him being at parties that I was at but I think the point in which we became friends was one night at a rave party when Mark Ogle taught me to shot gun a beer. It’s one of those times that you never forget your first and I am proud to say I know how, properly, to shot gun a beer so much that I’ve moved on and now can shot got revs (which for the record are plastic bottles, take a minute to think about that).

Cody Bilben: Ahh Cody and I have been friends since the weary days of first year University.  He was friends with Jaron and my little friend Steph had a tiny little crush on him.  Due to the fact that Steph had no guts to do anything about it, I approached Cody and Jaron to attend the corn maze, just outside of Lethbridge, with us as a double date.  It was adorable.  Steph and Cody never panned out and thats ok.  Now Cody is on of my most favorite people in the world.  He doesn’t think so, but he’ll soon figure it out.

Chris Pecora: Chris and I..I literally just text Chris to figure this out.  Chris and I both lived in U-hall rez at the same time, however he was on a different floor.  He dated a girl I was friends with and we had met a few times during that year but never really became friends until History of Rock and Roll when he was bombing the class and I was nice enough to force him to study through many Tim Hortons coffees and free study guides and sessions.  Pretty sure he passed that class because of my hard work tutoring him.

Jaron Whittingham Jaron and I met in first year University.  We were both in Drama 1000 and it was a crazy ride in that class, where we talked about the meaning of life and things drama 1000’s really shouldn’t be trying to figure out.  haha it was great.  Jaron is another gem who doesn’t realize often enough how great he is.



That is all for now.

much love




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    • First, is there a preferred way you’d like to find out and second; was it anything you didn’t already know? And side note; how often do you google yourself?

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