Things to consider…

Friends usually talk to each other – crazy thought, I know. I am not an idiot, you are for thinking I am.

When shopping don’t get upset with the nice girl trying to deal with your grumpy self.

Don’t text me in the middle of the night and expect a response on a weekday…really, get a brain

It never hurts to shower because you can never be too clean. You can however not shower enough and be grossly dirty. Showers are you friend.

Sleep is quite possibly the greatest thing ever – I hate it that we haven’t been friends for awhile, me and sleep, you are greatly missed in my life.

Why are big decisions the hardest to make and the easiest to run away from? Please can someone just decide for me, tell me what to do – I am really good at following directions.

How is it, that on the days you can sleep in, you can’t but on the days you can’t you always seem to be able to sleep longer?

Perhaps all this BS will eventually turn up sunshine, unicorns and flowers? maybe? perhaps?

P-Units after living away for 7 years are not my cup of tea. Please, change of scenery ASAP! Lethbridge I am possibly coming for you…

Lying – Who does that? It’ll always come back to bite you one way or another

tis all

much love




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