Insomnia begins again

It’s 2:15am and I have been annoyed and not able to fall asleep for the passed 3hrs. I don’t know why I am still awake or if there is even a reason related to why I’m so awake without cause but it’s just annoys me. All week I was at my parents visiting and I had no trouble sleeping, didn’t even need my regular naps like I usually do and the first time I am back, boom – no sleep for you. There are only 2 maybe 3 causes for all this rubbish non sleep business
1) I watched titanic again and am terrified I am going to have nightmares about drowning but that’s doubtful as I’ve seen the movie more than 30 times and it’s never bothered me before
2) I did drink a rather large cola beverage while at the movie and perhaps caffeine and sugar are pumping through my veins, keeping me up all night. This one is likely but I drink coffee by the gallons each day, why would one sugary caffeinated beverage set me off?
3) I am stressed about something. Who knows what this could be about, because I sure don’t. Stress is a common thing yes but I find it really just rather redundant. It gets you no where, it usually starts from no where or reason and ends with little to no impact on your life so what’s the point? At least if it’s positive impact it improves things and if it’s negative you learn something from it but stress does neither of those things. Just messes with our brains and bodies and makes us look and feel like idiots!

I just really would rather be sleeping



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