10 Things To Get You Through A Sh*t Day

So I know everyone has crappy days where you have to suck it up and do whatever it is you are not wanting to do for the entire of the day, when you have to be a grown up when you’d rather hide underneath the covers and not come out till tomorrow.

Today is one of those days for me.  (I wrote this on tuesday)   Instead of being a grumpy bean and wallowing in my grumpy-ness I decided to think of 10 wonderful things that will get me through this day and hope that it’ll help others on “those” days.


1) Hugs – hugs are the absolute best simply because you can give and get one from almost anyone and have it make you feel so much better.  From your friends, your b/f or g/f, your parents or family members – hugs are one reason to keep your head up, there is always someone in your life just around the corner willing to cheer you up with open arms. *Unless it’s that creepy dude that hugs you for just that few moments too long, avoid that hug ;o)

2) Naps – naps are the equalizer in life.  There are many days when you don’t get enough sleep, wake up too early, don’t sleep at all or just generally want to spend more time in bed. Naps allow for you to recharge your body and mind in a short period of time. Naps are the BEST on a grumpy bean kind of day.  * Now some people need to ease into the napping system, anything more than 60-90mins is not a nap, and is a sleep and when you dive into sleep territory things can get dicey.

3) The Internet – The internet can keep you entertained on a terrible day for hours and hours, playing to any and every emotion possible.  Feeling like you need to smile – check out a silly youtube video, or some bloopers from your favourite show or even read some terribly corrected text messages people sent to their friends and family.  Feeling like you need to wallow a little, maybe even cry – watch some reuniting videos of military dads and their children or maybe even a rescue animal video.  Feeling like you need to be distracted and detached from the world, check out pinterest or tumblr and peruse the lovely organization that allows for the great ideas and treats of the internet to be at your fingertips. Time wasted is still better than time spent grumpy.

4)Your mom – Moms have a way of just knowing how to ask you the right question or say the right thing or bring you the right item to make you feel better or get whatever it is that is bothering you off your mind. Moms will always have the ability to ask you one question, say one thing and make you feel better.  Sometimes even just the sound of her voice or having her around makes your not so great day better. Give her a call, stop by her house, or even simply send her a text or an email; it’ll make you feel better.

5) A shower – Showering is a full body a cleanse; the water washes away all your bad feelings while cleaning you at the same time.  It’s a fresh start, not only do you smell and look better, 99% of the time your crappy day is diminished by some level and even if just for a moment, you always feel better after a nice hot shower.

6) Laughter – Laughing when you are having a terrible day is tougher than on most days.  Not only do you already feel not like yourself, you probably don’t think or care to laugh at things because the today, life handed you a terrible hand in cards and you feel that everyone is out to get your or being an idiot.  Which is why when it actually happens, it makes you feel so much better.  Scientifically speaking, the endorphins and dopamine running through your system while you laugh is making you feel better, which is always a good thing. So cheer up – watch a youtube video or something.  It’s an easy fix to a simple problem.

7) A big drink – Whether it is alcoholic or otherwise, a big drink is refreshing and a very simple way to put a better spin on the day.  The chances of knocking you out of your grumpy funk is increased when there is alcohol in your choice beverage but can also be satisfied by non-alcoholic beverages; a large cup of coffee when you didn’t get nearly enough sleep or are too hung over to function, a slurpee on a hot day when those lovely canadian summer temperatures hit into the 30’s or large glass of ice water when you feel like you could drink the ocean.  Liquid satisfaction – always a great choice.

8) A great book – Sometimes the best way to make your crappy day feel better is getting lost in a world that has nothing to do with you.  Relating to a character or world that you have no part in is a great escape from reality, which more often than not makes your life seem not all that bad. So grab your beverage of choice, find a comfortable spot in your place and just escape into a different life, if only for a little while.

9) Screaming really loud – screaming is always a great release, sometimes it’s the the only way to get you out of your grump-funk.  So head outside, drive to a field, grab the thickest pillow in your house and just scream till your voice hurts, scream until your grumpy pants quota is filled and you either start laughing at yourself at how hilarious you must sound to those within ear shot or how ridiculous you look if you had your own reality tv show and how the producers would edit this scene to make you look like you’ve got off the deep end.  Sometimes life gets stressful and when other things you’ve tried to relieve your stress don’t help, just scream, tomorrow is a new day.

10) Watch your favourite childhood movie – watch that one movie that your parents or babysitter always put into that old VCR when you were acting up or didn’t have anything else to do.  You’ll quote the lines you know, get excited at your favourite parts of the movie and  be able to remember a more simpler time when all it took was a fun movie to cheer you up.  It’s silly and you may have to dig through boxes of your old toys and movies to find it, but once that 90mins has passed theres no way you won’t be a happier, less grumpy person.


Much Love



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